The Beau Diddley Diaries

Did somebody say TREAT?!

We’re all heartbroken to report that our beloved Beau Diddley passed away on 18 March 2009, after a 14 month battle against lymphoma. I’m leaving his page (below) intact, but I’ve also put together a page to pay tribute to his memory. Please come read about why Beau was such a special little guy by visiting Celebrating Beau.


When you're this cute, what else matters?

Hi, I'm Beau Diddley. I was born on 21 February 2000, and moved in with my "food slaves", Ken and Caren on 28 April 2000, just a couple of days before I turned 10 weeks old. I am a Red Bay Basset Hound, and the son of Rosie and Morgan. The (arguably) most well-known Red Bay hound is the famous Nick of "Nick's Adventures" fame. My brother Hoagie is a Champion as well.

The main purpose of this page is to put up a few pictures of me and my sister, Maggie, from time to time.

Now, as you might imagine, the photo at the top of this page was taken some time back. In fact, it was taken while I still lived in Toledo, at Red Bay headquarters! It's one of Ken's favorites, so I dare not remove it, but you may well be wondering what I look like these days, so here you go.

A couple of my favorite pix -- enjoying the beach, Outer Banks, NC

Still pretty cute, eh? You'll also find a great shot of me (taken on the same day) running next to Ken on the beach on his page. As you can clearly see from that photo, I'm in the process of overtaking Maggie.

Earlier this year, I got some bad news--that I was diagnosed with lymphoma (a systemic cancer). With a lot of help from all my food slaves and South Paws veterinary clinic, I've been fighting it off. Ken has also been documenting my experiences over on "The Beau Beau Blog", so if you're interested in hearing about my battle, come read through the entries there.

So, that's it for now. I'll nag Ken to help me with some additional updates, photos, etc., here soon.


Beau Diddley
23 May 2008