Ingrid Van Wyk

Hi, I'm Ingrid.  I know what you're thinking, and you're right -- what was I smoking when I agreed to let Ken (my brother) set up my web page for me?!  Well, consider it another lesson learned, I guess.  You see, although this might look, to the casual observer, like these are my words, they aren't.  I'm "speaking" to you here in absentia, through Ken.  And what's worse, I'm some 400 miles away from him here in Columbus, Ohio, so even if he says something really dorky (like, say, this), I can't even reach over and smack him upside the head.  I know what you're thinking...
But enough with words, I'd like to use this web page to present a couple photo galleries to you from time to time.  And what better way to launch that effort than to show you a photo gallery of my new born daughter, Miss Paula Van Wyk Gabel, born on 28 April 2003.  Her birth date is full of good karma and energy, as (among other things) it is the third anniversary of the day that Ken and Caren's basset hound, Beau Diddley, came into their lives.

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