Sugar magnolia


I’ve been woefully neglectful in maintaining a page for our Sugar Magnolia, aka “Maggie”, aka “Red Bay’s Jambalaya”.  It sure doesn’t mean she’s not loved, though.

Nonetheless, Maggie was born on 11 April 2001, and we brought her into our world on 7 July that same year.  Up until 2009, her canine companion was our beloved Beau Diddley, but sadly we lost him to lymphoma.

But, in April 2010, we brought another puppy into our home.  That puppy, whom we call Colby Calais, has become Maggie’s best friend.  The two of them spend hours playing (and then napping) together.

We were a bit worried about bringing a puppy into the home of a 9-year old dog, but those fears were quickly vanquished.  It’s been simply amazing to see Maggie become a puppy again--not to mention a big sister, and an aunt.

We all love her dearly.

But, as for this site, I’ll do my best to get some photos of our “Waggy Maggie” here and to keep it up to date. Nowadays, I’m using Apple’s iPhoto and iWeb combo to organize my personal sites, which has made my life much easier.  So now I have no excuses.


Ken van Wyk

May 2010

A bit about Maggie

She can dance the Cajun rhythm, just like a Willys in four wheel drive...